DJI F550 Build with Naza 2 and GPS

DJI F550 Build with Naza 2 and GPS

Hello all,

I have finally got all parts for my first hexcopter DJI F550 Flamingwhell, here is set of pictures that was done so far, description will be added as soon as the build is finished.


DJI F550 right from the shop


What was in the bag, however I will not be using the legs on picture, retractable landing skids will bee much better !


All the parts from the box of DJI F550


Top and bottom center plate that holds all together, also the bottom one is PDB ( Power Distribution Board )


Also from the box, 6x 30A ESC ( Electric Speed Controller )


6x Brushless Motors 920KV


6x Motor holders


Thread locker z-42
I’m using smaller nuts from the two packs included to mount motors to arms, I do recommend using some kind of Thread Locker so they don’t come off.


f550 motor mounted
One motor done, 5 to go 🙂


motor cables
Stick the motor power cables through the arm.


motors mounted DJI
All done with motors, let set them aside for now


esc mesh
I have put protective mesh on ESC cables before soldiering them to PDB, mesh is not included in box by default and need to be bought separately, also the shrink tube for holding it in place.


All 6 ESC protected and ready to be soldiered to power board.


Power distribution board
All ESC are now nicely soldiered on


battery cable dji
I have prepared my main battery cable same as ESC, with protective mesh and shrink tube, it looks cool and also help to protect the cable.


dji f550 liquid electric tape
Other thing I bought separately is “Liquid Electric Tape” and it does what it say on the tin 🙂 I have two colors red and black, one for each polarity, but you can use just one, I’m just slightly OCD :D. Protect the soldier points, but keep the battery one for now, you will need add NAZA PMU to that, and cover it after, or also add power for FPV ( but I’m using separate battery for FPV )


electric tape protect soldiering
Nice and protected, with some effort it can be pealed off nice and clean.


DJI Naza Futaba
Here is the brain of the F550 Naza v2 in the middle, PMU on the right side and on the left is Futaba receiver. Keep in mind that Naza need to be in center, pointing front of your craft with motor leads ! I’m using Futaba receiver as it use s.bus connector so I need just one cable to connect to Naza 🙂


More pictures to come and description, especially about calibration and correct GPS mounting !


Whole family together, DJI Phantom 1, Dji Phantom 2 Vision, Tricopter, Hexacopter F550.